Monday, May 16, 2011


Here is an aerial view of the new CEFA center that has been developed over the last 16 months. 80 acres (32 ha) have been planted in trees and field crops such as beans, corn, peanuts, and manioc. The buildings visible are the garage, the generator room, and the watchman's house. Other buildings partially up, walls but no roof yet, are the two Covenant homes and the main office/storeroom building. The well and the water tower were recently connected with pipes, so solar power now fills the water tower when needed, making water available for the work and gardens at any time. These photos were taken as Roy was departing from Gamboula by plane, on his way to the US to begin his year-long furlough of speaking to supporting churches and visiting with family. He has left the program in good hands with Benoit Zangao and Bertrand Ngama at the helm.