Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday seminars

Two Saturdays each month Roy and the CEFA staff are connecting with the community, bringing different groups and individuals to the CEFA farm to help them to understand what CEFA is all about.  What is that that you said?  What IS CEFA all about?  It's about getting God's love and provision to the people.  It's about getting better food security into the villages.  It's about trying out new things to see what works here and what doesn't, teaching new things, helping people to understand new things, and praying that these new things will catch on!  From fish ponds to bean crops, from reforestation to composting, from poultry to fruit trees, you name it, CEFA is trying it or is willing to try it! 

 Last week was Roy's turn to teach, and in the weeks to come it will be Jean Bedel on composting and Nadege on veggie gardening.