Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Please excuse the fact that this blog has not seen any new action lately! However, I am on the move to keep everyone posted on new developments. I have been in the US for almost 5 months now, speaking at churches all over the US, updating them on CEFA's progress, and thanking them for their partnership with all of our ministries in the Central African Republic. The above pictures show me at my recent visit to the farmers and Covenant churches in the Willmar, MN area that have supported CEFA for many years, going back to the old agroforestry program. Those supporters are connected to the Foods Resource Bank, a wonderful organization that connects farmers in the US with farming programs overseas. CEFA has been blessed by FRB and its help over the years. In the photos, I am speaking at a Threshing Show and running a combine on the Gunderson Farm - harvesting soybeans, one of the contributing crops that supports CEFA! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone connected to FRB - for making all that CEFA has accomplished thus far, possible. I also wanted to mention that Benoit, CEFA's director, is doing an amazing job handling all the responsibilities for running CEFA. I wish he could have been with me in Minnesota! I have asked him to send me new photos of the work, so there should be further - more frequent :-) - updates.