Thursday, May 3, 2012


As of April 24, 2012, CEFA is now a registered Not-for-Profit corporation within the State of Illinois! This is a start to the process of establishing CEFA Foundation, Inc. in the US as a 501C3 so that donations can be accepted with a tax-free status. The other purpose for creating CEFA, Inc. is to have a Board of Directors that is behind all of CEFA's activities and vision in Africa, to actively seek donor sources and ministry partners. Currently, the by-laws are being put together and the form for the 501C3 status is being filled out. CEFA CAR will be putting together an agreement to be signed by both CEFA organizations, but that will not take place until their next Board meeting, hopefully sometime during the summer. Thanks to the CEFA Inc. Board for their input and a special thanks for the voluntary services of Stephen Fingal, CEFA, Inc.'s lawyer and Roy's long-time friend, for all his time and effort in making this all possible. Roy and Aleta are finishing up their year in the US and return to CAR May 21st!