Sunday, February 23, 2014

Timothy's photos from 2/15

Photos from the week 2/15/2014

Posted: 21 Feb 2014 10:43 AM PST

Starting Monday, all those that work at Somongue have begun coming to morning prayers. We used to meet in the mission, but not many attended. Since we started meeting out at the farm, everyone comes, to sing and hear a little devotional before starting work. 

Since Roy, Aleta, and I moved out to Somongue, a small church has started at the sentry�s house. There are only about 20 people including kids, but it is a good group, and will grow I am sure. More and more people are moving to the area around the farm. This week Aleta spoke.

30 beds for the guest house and dorm buildings showed up at Somongue this week. They all got varnished, and are just waiting on the rest of the construction to be finished so they can be set up for visitors.

Every once and a while we run in to mutant pineapples. This one appears to have a few dozen pineapples all squeezed in to one. I don�t think it is a trait we want to be breeding for. 

The moon has been beautiful out at Somongue. It is so bright, you can walk around out on the farm without a flashlight.

CEFA now has 9 cows! Hear Roy is checking out the pen, and feeding trough.

Just a pretty picture

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Timothy's photos Feb. 9th

Photos from the week 2/8/2014

Posted: 09 Feb 2014 07:19 AM PST

The guest house we are building at Somongue now has doors, windows,
paint, beds and chairs. Some plumbing, land scraping, and final
touches, and we will be ready to receive guests.

These blue and black butterflies are everywhere these days.

The coffee orchard all over this area are blooming, and smelling
wonderful. Other plants are also in full bloom. This grass land shrub
is completely covered in flowers that smell really good.

I don't have a screen door on my house yet. One morning I went outside
and left the door open. When I came back this malachite kingfisher was

All over the world fuel for cooking fires is becoming more difficult
to find. I am wanting to experiment with different kinds of fuels and
stoves. This first one is a saw dust burning stove. This small can
with saw dust in it lasted two and a half hours with good heat the
whole time.

Saturday morning one of our fish ponds was drained for a fish harvest.
The harvest its self was not great, but we learned a bit about what we
could do differently. In this photo Max, who takes care of the fish
ponds, is holding a large cat fish. These cat fish live in the stream
that goes by the pond. In the stream they don't get any bigger then a
few inches. In a fish pond these little cats do really well and in six
months grow to a good size. In a year they get almost double that.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Timothy's photos from the week of Feb. 1st

Photos from the week 2/1/2014

Posted: 03 Feb 2014 07:26 AM PST

This past week two members from almost all 25 farming cooperatives
CEFA works with came to Somongue for a two day conference. After a
tour of the farm, they shared about their work and experiences over
the last year.

Among one group to attend was a Fulani team. Despite being from a
people group that has suffered much oppression over the last year from
the military, they had accomplished more than any one. It was also
great to see them attend, since many of the Fulani have fled our part
of the country.

Roy speaking to the group in front of the unfinished dormitory
buildings. We are building enough rooms to be able to house this many
people for multiple day seminars.

Talking about the importance of ground cover.

Nadesh, one of our very capable and knowledgeable staff, talking to
the group about the importance of small vegetable gardens.

CEFA is founded on Biblical principles. Every seminar or gathering
begins and ends with prayer, and a reminder of what we stand for.

I was amused to see this German shepherd watching guard over the
fish ponds.