Monday, May 15, 2017

"Tis the Season to be Planting

After a long hard dry season and a late start to our rainy season, the
CEFA farm hands are busy planting acres and acres of trees, field crops,
and vegetables. New orchards are being laid out, holes dug, and the
trees installed - in particular, cocoa, coffee, rambutan, breadnut, pili
nut, oil palm, and peach palm. Oh, we must not forget the diesel trees
being planted in the reforestation section where one day CEFA hopes to
be self-sufficient in producing its own diesel fuel that is derived from
the sap of the Copaifera langsdorfii. Old orchards have places where
trees have died and they have been replaced as well. Out in the villages
where especially there are new co-operatives getting started, they have
an interest in establishing their own demo orchards of oil palm, cocoa,
coffee, and some fruit trees, so CEFA's village team has been very busy
assisting in helping them. Getting the earliest possible start in
planting trees is important to take advantage of the 8-month rainy as
much as possible - to allow for as much root development to happen which
will then make it more drought resistant during the dry season. Fruit
trees and commodity trees such as these are an important investment for
establishing food security and financial self-sufficiency with the
people of Central Africa!

Roy & Aleta Danforth
Covenant missionaries to the Central African Republic
cell phones: Aleta 011 237 67529 5071 or 011 236 7744 8621
Roy 011 237 66171 7808 or 011 236 7754 9176
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