Saturday, October 8, 2016

Bridging the gap

Last year, CEFA needed to connect the field crops/fruit tree area with the large animal grazing area with a bridge that a small pick-up or large truck could go over. I learned from a bridge specialist in the States, Tom Lawson from Oklahoma, that you could build a complete bridge without using cement. The materials we used were basically chain-link fence, local rocks, a truck frame, and thick lumber from our nearby sawmill. It only took two weeks to construct and it is holding out well. So, this year, after establishing almost 80 acres of a reforestation project from Watershed Foundation (New Mexico), we needed another bridge to connect that area with the field crops/fruit trees area. This one took more than twice as long to construct due to the heavy granite boulders that are prevalent in the stream. But this week, it was finished and tested with a very large truck. No longer do the trucks have to travel several miles to get to the reforestation area – now it is only a matter of a few hundred feet! This will save CEFA fuel, wear and tear on the vehicles, and time.  Thank you Watershed Foundation for your partnership with CEFA!



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