Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Getting oil palms out to the village co-ops

Whether the village is across the river or closer by, the CEFA team gets out to the co-ops.  Recently palm trees were delivered to various villages, some of which are on main roads, but others required some creativity, like barerooting the trees and carrying them in a sack on the back of a motorcycle in a canoe.  In each case, CEFA's village agents, like Nadege, helped the co-ops to understand how to plant and care for these trees.  The oil from these palms are a promise for the future for these farmers.
--   Roy & Aleta Danforth  Covenant missionaries to the Central African Republic  cell phones: Aleta 011 237 67529 5071 or 011 236 7744 8621   Roy 011 237 66171 7808 or 011 236 7754 9176  email:  blog:


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