Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New leafy green to eat

A CEFA co-op's cowpea fields in the village of Nangoko became the testing ground for a new tasty, yet healthy idea for reducing malnutrition in CAR! One of the members of the Nangoko co-op, was weeding her almost mature cowpea field and she noticed how shiny and green the leaves looked and thought they would be good for cooking and eating. She asked CEFA's village supervisor, Nadege, and she said why not give them a try! So, selected leaves were picked, cooked, then pounded and served to not just malnourished kids, but also adults. And it was a huge success for all that partook - and it never been tried before in our area! Other members of the co-op are doing it and now Nangoko has a new supply of nutritious food for curing malnutrition in a very tasty way!
--   Roy & Aleta Danforth  Covenant missionaries to the Central African Republic  cell phones: Aleta 011 237 67529 5071 or 011 236 7744 8621   Roy 011 237 66171 7808 or 011 236 7754 9176  email:  blog:


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