Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on the work at the CEFA land

There is now a small cement pieced bridge over the roadside ditch at the turn off to the land, and ditches have been dug for putting in the fence at the entrance to the property. The official NGO papers are in the hands of our acting board president, David Zokoe, in Bangui, and he is still following up on getting the land deed transaction established. The land papers must be in hand before we can actually begin work building and planting.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bird's eye view of the CEFA land

The yellow border on the left is Cameroon. The brownish areas are grasses and brushland and old gardens, and the green indicates trees and heavier growth. The CEFA land has a mostly natural boundary of trees/jungle. The red lines are old off the beaten track roads, and the thicker light yellow lines between Gamboula and the mission station and beyond are the main roads. The road that Roy and his crews have been clearing is the lower red line that juts off the main road just north of the mission station where we currently live. You can see a gap in the tree line where the red lines meet together at the property boundary. That's where Roy is planning to put in a public orchard/park, to act as a buffer, so people can pick fruit freely without climbing the fence (that will be put in soon) and stealing what is not theirs.