Thursday, March 17, 2011


CEFA has just received the long-awaited title papers for the 1000 acres of land where the CEFA center is situated! Bertrand Ngama, CEFA's assistant director and Baba Zokoe, CEFA's president of the Board of Administration, have been working hard in the capital city, Bangui, for many months now trying to get those papers. The above photo was the reactions of Letha and John Kerl, Covenant church's regional coordinators for Africa with myself and my wife, Aleta, who just heard that the papers were done, signed, and in hand! A hearty thanks to all of you who have been praying that this last of the three important government documents be finished at last. Previously, the NGO status papers and the CAR government accord papers were completed. Coming up next month will be a CEFA Board meeting and the following day, a dedication/celebration will be put on, inviting many important people from the government and others involved in CEFA's establishment.