Thursday, September 21, 2017


Yes, there is a registered CEFA NGO (501C3) in the United States (Illinois) where funds are channeled and an actual Board of Directors that meets once a year to help CEFA in CAR get support. One of the Board members, Dave Feaver from Modesto, CA volunteered to come and visit CEFA in CAR for two and a half weeks until the end of September. Already, he has had the grand tour of the CEFA central farm, seen a village co-operative garden, and he has lent a hand fixing things up around the house and farm. This week, we took him to the same Nyabi co-operatives that I reported about last time and he was able to meet the head organizer of all the co-ops, Bernard, meet the chief of the village, and visit his cola nut orchard that he has composted and allowed a cover crop to take over (pictured above). We also had the opportunity to help the now 14 co-operatives with seeds to plant (fruit trees, beans, and corn) and tools to work with (hoes, shovels, machetes) via Covenant Church assistance projects. Dave has seen and heard a lot already and has a many good stories to tell when he returns to the US early October. Thanks Dave (and his wife Irene for allowing him to come) for sacrificing to come here and share your heart and resources in helping Central Africans reach food security and experience Christ's love.
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