Friday, June 15, 2012


After spending the past year in the US, Roy has returned to service in Central Africa to join Benoit in working with the CEFA program. Roy visited many churches and FRB farmers during his last home assignment with the Covenant church and had a great time being with family and friends. He and Aleta arrived Gamboula on the 26th of May to the absolute delight of Benoit who did a very good job of not only holding the fort down practically on his own, but went beyond the call of duty introducing new crops and starting up more than 10 new cooperatives! Also, though only back a couple of weeks, there have been many visitors that have come to the station and are interested in learning about CEFA, but more on that later! CEFA is alive and well it is hoped that this blog will be communicating updates on a more frequent basis. Thanks to all who look in on CEFA's happenings.