Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lots of work going on at CEFA!

These men are squaring off these rocks for use in the foundations of buildings. On the first day of work, a couple of them had saran wrap in front of their eyes, wrapped around their heads for protection against chips flying. Sorry we didn't get a photo of that! Roy provided goggles and gloves after that!
These men are planting a type of squash that yields high protein seeds to eat. In front of them you can see the sisal and then little clumps of vetiver grass which will grow up to make a live fence line.

These men are clearing land for planting -the goal to be cleared is about 50 acres. This land will be the new home for oil palm, coconuts, and new varieties of beans and casava.

These men are clearing a road into the new land, for access to the gardens and building site.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Containers for a garage/work area

There has been some clearing of the land and now 2 containers have been dropped off there, because the mission hospital just received these two containers full of hospital supplies and CEFA bought the empty containers in order to build a garage work area. There will be a roof over the two of them with probably a cement floor between them for the working space. There as yet has been no planting on the land, as we do not yet have the final deed/permission documents in hand. The planting has only taken place in the public park area before the entrance to the project.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maryam shares because of what she's received!

This is Maryam, an amazing woman of newfound faith in the Lord. She came to the Gamboula hospital last year, seeking treatment for her baby, Happiness, on her back in the photo. Not only was Happiness' life saved at the hospital, but Maryam found new life herself, spiritually, because of the kindness and sharing of some of the nurses and others and with the influence of hearing new testament recordings there. She returned to her home across the border, and while there, read a book about a Congolese man, called Samson, a man who took great steps in giving to others because of what he had received. Maryam was so touched by this story that she decided to do likewise. She came back to Gamboula, and contributed time and money in the hospital's nutrition garden. The photo shows her at work in the nutrition garden. This garden is an integral part of teaching and outreach in the CEFA project.