Sunday, April 25, 2010

Planting trees in the buffer zone public park

Roy and crew took a big truckload of trees out to the CEFA land to plant, as rainy season has finally started. They planted and watered (just in case it didn't rain that day) over 250 trees in the area in front of the entrance to the CEFA property. They took a big tank of water on the back of the ag pick-up for the watering, as the stream is quite some distance away. The fruit on these trees will be available for free to the public, hopefully filling the tummies of those kids and people who are interested in reaping without sowing, smile.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Live CEFA logo

While Angela Boss was here with us, she took some photos to represent the CEFA logo, live. Which of these three do you like best?

CEFA meeting

Well, it wasn't an official board meeting, as there wasn't a 2/3 presence of members, due to some other very important work our acting president, David Zokoe, had to take care of in the capital. A strategy session and general discussion took place, a full day of talking about the visions and plans for CEFA. The wonderful news, though, is this: the official NGO papers AND the land grant papers are in David Zokoe's hands, with only the customs/tax exemption papers left to be arranged. We are so thankful!