Friday, December 1, 2017

No Way! Yes Way! Palm Oil is Here to Stay!

This last month, long-time colleagues and good friends, Paul and Sheryl Noren, came from their ministries in the DRC to spend time with us, at the CEFA Farm. Paul is also a CEFA Board member and a CEFA technical advisor with a lot of expertise and skills in many areas of agriculture. One such innovation that he came to set up for CEFA is to hand-pollinate oil palm trees to get a highly productive super oil palm cross. Normally, to get these super palms, one must go 700 kms into Cameroon to the special research station and purchase these palm crosses at 50 cents a seed. Right now, the CEFA director Benoit Zangao, has done this week long trek to pick up CEFA's 3,000 palm nut order placed 3 months ago. Hopefully, this is the last time CEFA will have to sacrifice time and expense because it is now capable of doing their own at the CEFA farm! No way!, Yes, way! Soon, CEFA will have the capacity to supply not only plantable oil palm nuts to its own farm, but also to help ag co-ops in the area it is serving.

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