Saturday, December 11, 2010

CEFA's new Director - Benoit Zangao!

At CEFA's first official Board meeting November 18-19, Benoit Zangao was elected Director of CEFA's operations. We are grateful that Benoit accepted this post, knowing he will face many challenges and difficulties, but he knows he will always have my right-hand support, is backed by the CEFA Board, and that his God will give him the strength and wisdom needed to carry out this huge repsonsibility. My (Roy) official title is technical advisor to CEFA. Remember to pray for Benoit - especially during the time I will be gone to the US for my year home assignment of speaking in churches from May '11 to May '12. Hopefully, some day, some of you will have the chance to meet this fine man of God whose heart is focussed on serving Him by serving others through CEFA's agricultural development programs.
CEFA officially had its first Board meeing - as you can see seven out of nine attended on November 18-19. After visiting the CEFA ag center and the model farm, CEFA Board members Baba Zokoe, Bertrand Ngama, Paul Noren (top row): Roy Danforth, Josephine Messako, Benoit Zangao, and Clarisse Nguebe all met to hear progress reports on the year's activities. Later, discussions ensued on the ministry plans for 2011 including work on CEFA's fish ponds, starting up a layer chicken program, and beginning CEFA's outreach to 5 selected villages for training in
cooperative development. CEFA, though now is established as an official NGO, is still waiting for the land papers for the 1000 acres gifted by the national and local governments.