Friday, July 16, 2010

New strain of amaranth

While Angela was here in the spring, she brought us a new variety of amaranth, being used in East Africa as a protein supplement. The seeds are tiny, but pack a punch of protein. They can be ground up into meal and added to just about any prepared dish, or they can be popped, not unlike teeny tiny popcorn, and sprinkled over food. The leaves are also eaten, much like spinach. Here's the amaranth, in the foreground of the photo, growing wonderfully huge in the nutrition garden at the hospital. It looks like Hortense, Nadege, and two moms from the kids' nutrition center are happy with the garden.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Clearing land and planting palm trees

Roy continues to use large work crews to clear the land for orchards and crop trials. In this photo, a crew is harvesting the manioc from the land purchased from a farmer. Note: this farmer planted his manioc AFTER he knew that the land was being purchased, just so people don't get the idea that we are kicking farmers off their land.

After days of tedious plotting of tree placement, the trees are being planted.