Monday, November 22, 2010

Paul Noren Visits Gamboula

Missionary Paul Noren, long-time colleague of Roy's and board member of CEFA, has come for a 2-month visit to help CEFA with technical advice. In addition, he and Roy have been working long hours to wrap up the two agriculture books they have been putting together since 2001. They have finished the fruit book and are currently working on the Agroforestry manual. Hopefully, both books will be published in 2011.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A sentry at CEFA at night!

Now that there are crops and buildings out at CEFA, we have a sentry out there at night. His name is Nuuhu and he is an avid Fulani farmer that we have known for years.

Here is the house that is being built for him.

Damage by one thing or another!

It might be cane rats (which, by the way, are pretty good eating themselves)
or it might be lightning damage, farmers always have to keep on the watch! This tree was struck by lightning, apparently on the trunk and down the roots so that the dirt was thrown off some of them.

Spread the fruit around - happy eaters!

Here are the guys across the border at a weekly meeting, enjoying the fruits of the ag project's labor! Yum! Jakfruit! The flesh is delicious and the seeds, when cooked are protein filled and taste a bit like peanuts.

Building the roof on the garage

The garage out at CEFA is made up of 3 ocean freight containers, and this past week, with the help of Kim Cone (red tshirt in the photo) the rafters have gone up. Next week the roofing will go on, and then they will pour a cement floor.

It took alot of manpower to get the beams and rafters up!

Here's Roy, with a hammer in his hand instead of a shovel!